Continuing Education Credit
Cookbook of Moves
Exercise #10 - Jumping Jacks

Submitted by: James Goldsmith

 Muscle Group being exercised: Hip Abductors Adductors, Medial Deltoids, and Lattisumus Dorsi

 Water Depth: Chest High

 Safety Tips: Keep your knees and elbows slightly bent.

 Equipment: Boots and Bells (either big or small)

 Starting Position: Legs together and arms at sides; back straight.

 Movement: "Jumping Jack" jump both feet apart and then back together while the arms swing out and up to the surface and then back down to the sides. Repeat movement for 60 seconds.

Click on the picture to download a bigger one. Size of picture is roughly 121K! 

Photos by Elvia Castillo.
Copyright(c) 1995, Hydro-Tone Fitness Systems, Inc.