Continuing Education Credit
 Cookbook of Moves
Exercise #11 - Flytrap

Submitted by: Scott Andrews

 Muscle Group being exercised: Trapezius

 Water Depth: Armpit deep

 Safety Tips: Elbows bent, back straight, and tight abdominal/trunk.

Equipment: Hydro-Tone Bells (either big or small)

 Starting Position: Bells together at chest, feet close together.

 Movement: Take one step back as you pull bells outward and backward (don't hyper extend the back or arms). Bring second foot back and put it next to first foot while you bring the bells straight in towards the chest until you return to starting position. Repeat the move, stepping backwards, then together. The arms sweep out wide working the trapezius muscle, but they do not sweep back, thus minimizing the pectoral muscle movements.

Click on the pictures to download bigger ones. Size of pictures is roughly 135K each! 

Photos by Elvia Castillo.
Copyright(c) 1995, Hydro-Tone Fitness Systems, Inc.