Continuing Education Credit
Cookbook of Moves
Exercise #6 - Cheerleader

Submitted by: Barbara Roberts

Muscle Group(s) being exercised: Several major muscle groups

 Name of Movement: Cheerleader

 Water Depth: 6 feet or deeper

 Safety Tips: Keep knees and elbows bent slightly and trunk muscles tight.

 Equipment: Hydro-Tone Boots and Bells

 Starting Position: Standing with the shoulders in the water. Bend your knees if the water is shallow.

 Movement: this is a "suspended" jumping jack move. when the legs move outward, the arms move outward. They move towards each other as if to do a mid-water touch much like a cheerleader would do a splits in mid-air.

 Alternative movement: Instead of the arms and legs going to the sides to touch in mid-water, the movement resembles more of a hurdler crossing over his hurdle on the track. The right leg and left arm attempt to touch mid-water in a relatively straight position, while the left leg and right arm move back in a more bent position. Do five "hurdles" with the right leg and then five hurdles with the left leg. Repeat the sequence of 5 times right leg forward and 5 times left leg forward.

Click on the picture to download a bigger one. Size of picture is roughly 133K!

 Possible Music: Suzza March

Photos by Elvia Castillo.
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