Continuing Education Credit
Cookbook of Moves
Exercise #7 - Chick Jump

Sumitted by: Carlene Prins

Muscle Group being exercised: Abdominals, hip flexors, gluteals, lattisimus dorsi and medial deltoids

 Water Depth: Between waist and chest deep

 Equipment: Hydro-Tone Boots and Bells. The Water Weight boots and bells can also be used.

 Starting Position: Upper arms are held to the side, parallel to the bottom with elbows bent 90 degrees and bells just below the surface. Feet are shoulder-width apart and legs are bent so that the shoulders are half submerged

 Movement: Bring both knees towards the chest as you bring both elbows down to the sides. Return to starting position. Repeat 15 to 20 times. The boots and bells work in opposition to keep the body from moving either up or down a significant amount.

 Safety Tips: Keep elbows bent; exhale on each jump and "wing compression;, keep Hydro-Tone bells in the water.

Click on the picture to download a bigger one. Size of picture is roughly 70K! 

Photos by Elvia Castillo.
Copyright(c) 1995, Hydro-Tone Fitness Systems, Inc.