Continuing Education Credit
 Cookbook of Moves
Exercise #8 - Water Angels

Submitted by: Marilyn Huit

 Muscle Group being exercised: Abdominals, hip adductor and abductors, medial deltoids, and lattisimus dorsi

 Water Depth: Shallow or deep

 Equipment: Hydro-Tone Water Weight Bells and Boots, with floation belt used by non-buoyant students or non-swimmers.

 Starting Position: Lie flat on your back with hands at your sides and feet together.

 Movement: Simultaneously open legs and arms out. Extend limbs as far as comfortable. Arms can be brought overhead if desired. Bring legs together and arms to your sides. Repeat movement for 60 seconds.

Safety Tips: Keep elbow and knee joints slightly bent. Remember to keep abdominals tight and breath.

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Photos by Elvia Castillo.
Copyright(c) 1995, Hydro-Tone Fitness Systems, Inc.