Continuing Education Credit
Cookbook of Moves
Exercise #9 - Sitting Water Angels

Submitted by: Marilyn Huit

Muscle Groups being exercised: Abdominals, hip adductors, hip abductors, pectorals, and trapezius

 Water Depth: At least chest deep water.

 Safety Tips: Keep joints soft.

 Equipment: Hydro-Tone Water Weight Bells and Boots, plus the flotation belt if being done in deep water or with non-buoyant student.

 Starting Position: Begin in a sitting position with arms and legs extended straight out in front of you and parallel to each other and parallel to the bottom of the pool. Elbows and knees are slightly bent.

 Movement: Sweep both arms and legs out as far as comfortable, then pull them back to the starting position. Maintain a sitting position with arms and legs parallel to each other and to the floor. Repeat movement for 60 seconds.

 Possible Music: Bob Seiger -- Night Moves

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Photos by Elvia Castillo.
Copyright(c) 1995, Hydro-Tone Fitness Systems, Inc.