What to Expect from Using Hydro-Tone

Short Term Expectations

  1. By the third use you will achieve a fairly good comfort level with the equipment and your ability to move through the water with focus on the exercise increases.
  2. Improved balance and coordination in the water.
  3. Decrease in body inches as the body becomes toned. This does not mean the scales will show an expected decrease with the inches. Realize that body muscle weighs more than body fat. The scales might even go up slightly while the inches go down.
  4. Increased flexibility and/or increased comfort while moving through a fuller range of motion.
  5. Increased feeling of energy and vitality.
  6. Improved oxygen circulation.
  7. Increased strength and muscle endurance.
  8. Minimal next-day soreness due to cooling and massaging effects of the water and positive muscle contractions.
  9. Overall sense of increased well-being.

Long Term

  1. Comfort and generalized strength through full range of motion.
  2. Less prone to injuries and sickness.
  3. Muscular tone, cardiovascular and over-all conditioning is improved.
  4. Decreased resting heart rates and decreased exercise heart rates for the same work load.
  5. Weight loss, if it is your desired goal and you watch food intake.
  6. Enhanced land exercise performance.
  7. Increased body appearance and symmetry.
  8. Many more benefits.

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