Hydro-Bell Exercises 7-9

[IMAGE] Hydro-Bell Exercises #7-9

Hydro-Bell Exercise #7

Flys - Begin with bells together in front of and close to the chest. Move bells outward and shoulders back; then return. Gradually make the movements wider and farther from the body. Keep abdominals tight and do not allow the back to arch.

Focus: Chest, shoulders, back, and abdominals
Option: Combine with Hydro-Boot #3

Hydro-Bell Exercise #8

Elbow Curls/Extensions - Begin with one arm nearly straight down at your side and the other bent to position the bell near the shoulder. Alternately bend and extend the elbows.

Focus: Arms; biceps/triceps
Option: Combine with Hydro-Boot #5 or #6

Hydro-Bell Exercise #9

Rotator Cuff - Keep elbows at your sides bent to 90 degrees. Rotate the bells outward and then together again.

Focus: Shoulders and rotator cuff muscles
Option: Combine with Hydro-Boot #3

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