Hydro-Tone Water Weights Exercises 10-12

[IMAGE] Water Weights Exercises #10-12

Water Weights Exercise #10

Walk Forward-Backward - Begin with feet shoulder width apart. Step forward, with small steps and gradually increase the stride. Same for walking backwards. Keep abdominals tight.
Focus: Legs and trunk warmup
Option: Combine with WW#1 or #3

Water Weights Exercise #11

Soldier March - As you walk forward, bring the knee up high and kick the foot forward, before you swing the leg down. Alternate legs. Keep abdominals tight. Squeeze buttocks as you swing the leg down without arching the back.
Focus: Buttocks, tights and legs
Option: Combine with WW#2 or #3

Water Weights Exercise #12

Side Step - Keep the feet facing forward the entire time. Step one foot out to the side and bring the other to it. Step and repeat, then change direction. Take wider steps as you warm up the legs.
Focus: Buttocks, inner and outer thighs.
Option: Combine with WW#6, #7 or #9

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